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Nothing compares to this serum

Marie Brison

Nothing can beat this serum. I've got dry/mature skin, and this serum moisturizes it like nothing I've seen (or felt) before. I will never stop buying this product.

Now I get it

Sophie Bajrami

Now I get why all my friends told me about this product!

Still waiting...


I read so many good reviews about this product. I've been using it for a week now, but I can't spot the difference except that my skin feels more hydrated. I will keep you updated.

Don't hesitate because of the low price!

Lily O.

If you are anything like me, I'm wary of brands that usually sell expensive products at low prices. Spoiler alert, they rarely deliver. But it's definitely not the case with Habitual Skin. I've tried a few of their serums, and they work! You'll be super happy with the results, which btw you can see in less than a month.

Great value

Nina Seligman

I've been using this serum for a month now, and so far, I can't complain about the results. It's smoothing the fine lines around my mouth and cheeks. Considering how much money I've spent on other - more expensive- serums, I see this as a massive success for me. I am satisfied with this product and would consider buying other products from this brand.

Must in your skincare routine

Rita Yesikov

I have been using Habitual Skin serum in my daily skincare routine for over 5 months now. So, of course, I highly recommend it. Like others, this wasn't the first hyaluronic serum. The difference between Habitual Skin's products and other brands is that their products actually deliver the results they promise.

Loyal customer <3!


I love all Habitual Skin products. They are vegan friendly and don't contain any B.S. that could irritate the skin. I care a lot about that because my skin is super sensitive. This serum feels like a soft whisper over your skin. I just love it!

Skin feels great

Katrina Phillips

I was super impressed with how my skin reacted to this serum. It simply feels so good when you use it. I apply after washing your face, with a little bit of rose water. My face feels refreshed and pretty.

Just bought two more!

Aiza Bakir

Go mum for the recommendation! My skin became less dry, and you know... it looks more alive if that makes sense! I use it twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep. I look at the mirror, and now I see that healthy glow I see only in Cate Blanchett, haha. I ordered two more to thank my mother. Thank you very much!

100% Recommend


It not only hydrates the skin but also helps reduce excess oiliness and redness in the T-zone. I combined it with their retinol serum, both of which made significant changes to my skin! No rubbery or suffocating smell, either.

Habitual Skin formulates the best products!

Jenny Fischer

Not only is this serum inexpensive, but also highly effective. I love how easy it is. It moisturizes and softens my skin. Okay, I admit I've been using it for only a week, BUT let me tell you right now that I see an enormous difference in the look of my skin. So I'll be back for more!

Incredible Serum

Wendy Diaz

Habitual Skin Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum is by far the best hyaluronic acid serum I have tried. Skin quickly absorbs it without leaving any residue. No signs of irritation; it feels like pouring water on your skin. No strong odours or hazardous substances, either. I recommend this product. Five stars!

One of my favourite Habitual Skin products

Gaby S.

I'm a faithful customer of Habitual Skin. However, I can't praise enough the effectiveness of this eye cream. In less than a month, my eyes began to depuff, and lines are disappearing! I love it and will rebuy it.

Great product!

Nadege A.H.

Feels great, smells great.

Skin feels fresh

Jenna Williams

What I enjoy the most about this cream is that immediately after applying it, you feel your skin fresh and smooth.

Immediate Results - I love it!

Mia J.

I'm so impressed with this eye cream. I will never buy another. Crow's feet are turning into fine lines. Of course, I'm over sixty, so I wasn't expecting magic, but it feels like it.

Five Star Customer Experience


I have come across this brand from a very well written blog about hyaluronic acid serum. Unfortunately, due to the Christmas rush and Covid, the stock did not arrive in time. I was gobsmacked, as I was really keen to try the product. So then, I want to cancel the order. After sending an enquiry, Chelsea (Co-founder) came back and genuinely apologised for the delay, saying that the stock is already on the way. I was then offered a refund and a free product to try for the future. I will be looking forward to try the serum in the next couple of months. Sure this thing is gonna be a hit. Thanks so much for the five star customer service! 🌟

Recommended to a friend!

Genevieve Monastesse

I appreciate your product which I have also recommended to a friend. My skin absorbs the product easily and leaves it smooth and glowing.


Michelle Lawson

This pure hyaluronic acid serum has made my skin feel and look so much better after only a few weeks of use. So I will certainly be ordering some more!

Hyaluronic acid serum


I am loving the products from habitual skin.
Also, The service was impeccable. They updated me on the delivery of my products and without me even asking offered my a free gift due to the delivery delay.
I would highly recommend the company and will certainly be using them again.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


"I was looking for a hyaluronic acid and came across your product. I liked that it's a cruelty free products and that there are no nasties in it.
I have fair sensitive/dry skin (eg I can't use Vit C on my skin) but have had no issues using your product. It goes on great and absorbs straight into the skin. I use it first before applying an oil based serum and my moisturiser. I also love that you discount for multiple purchases which is why I decided to buy 3 in one go. I'll definitely buy again."

Lovely hyaluronic serum


First time user of Habitual skin products and I loved the hyaluronic serum. I purchased the pack of three, one for me, one to my sister and one to my daughter
We all love it and think it is one of the best we have used. In fact I am just about to order some more products

Great serum

Alison T

I came across this serum on the Internet and because of the excellent reviews I decided to try it. I'm so glad I did! This is a fantastic hyaluronic acid serum, it is moisturising and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I am very impressed with it and highly recommend it. Thank you

Great for my sensitive skin


Great product, I have sensitive skin no issues at all. Feels nice and refreshing soaks in well. Overall my skin seems more moisturised.

A Game Changer

Shelley B

Completely in love with the hyraluronic acid serum. Great texture, feels wonderful to apply, great price when you buy more than one. I have incredibly sensitive skin, yet have no problems with this product. Absolutely changed my skin and my skin routine. Love, love, love

Good value for money

Margarita Lilaysromant

I ve bought 5 packs of acid and I do think it’s a very good value for money. I use it every day before serum and cream, you can’t see result straight away I think it depends on your age. I saw my first results after about 1 month everyday use. My forehead fine lines started to be smaller, I don’t have Botox and I am 38. I would def recommend this product. And I will buy it again. Thanks

It's perfect


In all honesty I am absolutely loving it and have recommended it to a few people already! I've tried lots of different hyaluronic acids and never found a formula that I liked (this seems to be a trend with most women I speak too and a lot of them have given up on trying to find a formula that they like) most leave a sticky residue that never quite absorbs into your skin. Not only does Habitual Skin leave my skin incredibly soft seconds after I apply but I've truly noticed the difference in the fine lines around my eyes. I love waking up in the morning and looking at my skin, it's like a surprise every day as to how smooth and healthy it looks!

So far very good results!

Sue M

I have found the Hyaluronic Acid gel very good to use after Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning facial procedures, so far, but would like the opportunity to use it over a 3 month period to assess its overall effectiveness - so far very good results!

My new fave product!


Was wary of using this as I have quite sensitive skin but it has been amazing. I apply a drop after cleansing and toning before my day cream, I apply a drop with my foundation, and I also apply a drop before my night cream. My skin is looking great which is a big deal for me as I have horrible skin, so much smoother and healthier. I'm so glad I found this product - it is a game changer!

Everything is perfect!


Everything is perfect! I like the product, the price is relevant to quality, the option to buy more than 1 item for less price is awesome. Offers system is good aswell. Delivery could be faster, or could be more delivery options including Next Day delivery.
Thank You very much for Your products! Looking forward to try something else.

Amazing serum

Ann Wright

I am 75 years old and have been using the hyaluronic serum now for a few weeks. Friends and family ask me what have I been doing as my skin looks smooth and fresh especially for my age. I would highly recommend to everyone. Thank you

boskke tree

Five Stars


I love this eye cream. I'm 58 years old, with mature skin. This cream brought back to life the skin around my eyes. It's hydrated, non-irritated, refreshed and smooth. Five stars to the Habitual Skin team. I highly recommend it!

Amazing eye cream

Amazing eye cream

I thought it was a bit cheeky, but now I understand it. This cream is everything I was looking for in a single bottle. And at a great price!

This is the bee's knees!

Carol Leigh

Excellent, that's my opinion of this serum. Less than a month of using it (and not even daily, but I wouldn't recommend it), and my skin looks brighter and softer. Makeup sticks longer, as well, which is a plus.

Love it <3

Elise Michele

Top-notch quality ingredients for an accessible price. You want your skin to look younger? Honestly, just try it! I can't recommend it enough.

Girls, just try it!

Lizzie Murph

This is by far the best vitamin c serum I've tried. I felt the difference right away. Usually, vitamin c serums leave your face irritated. Yes, they do the job, but I don't want to purchase something that leaves my skin red and uncomfy. So don't be afraid, just try it!

Great gift for my wife

Lucas Wright

I can't say I understand all the benefits, but my wife was looking for something like this. She just turned 60. Anyway, she was super happy when I got it. And I got to say, I do see a difference. The skin on her face is smooth and looks brighter.

Powerful serum


Honestly, for the price, my hopes weren't high BUT bloody hell, I'm impressed. I use the serum in the morning after cleansing and before moisturizing. Serum filters through my pores with no fuzz, and it doesn't irritate the skin. The result is a smoother, brighter look. Hopefully, it will smooth the fine lines in the corner of my mouth.

Thank you Habitual Skin!

Adriana Ronan

It only took 30 days for me to see the results. My product did take a bit longer to arrive than expected, but it was worth it! I'm a happy customer.

Does The Work

Lizzie K

Wonderful product that delivers what promises. I even use it for my hands with great success! Skin looks healthy and young.

Happy customer

Monika T.

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical when I made my first purchase. Usually, lifting creams are just a waste of money. Can't complain at all! The wrinkles on my neck have reduced soo much, and it feels so smooth.
I love that the scent is mild, and it doesn't irritate the skin.

Smoother skin


My husband gave me this as a gift. I think he was lucky to find the best firming cream in the market. My skin is smooth and the cream is super light. I'm on my fourth week, can't say my neckline is that much firmer, but I'll give it another two weeks just because of how soft it feels.

Best anti-ageing cream

Kira Maruyama

I am delighted with my purchase! I met with a friend, we haven't seen each other in three months. The first thing she asked me was what did I do to my neck, haha! By the time I had been using the cream for four weeks or so. So I obviously told her my secret, and she couldn't believe me. Going to get her one, for sure!

Great product!

Carla Simón

I can't count how many lifting creams I've tried. This is the only one I saw a difference. They are not immediate, it takes around two months but once you notice the difference, you'll buy it again!

Gentle for sensitive skin

Agnès Melville

I suffer from extremely sensitive skin, and this wonderful cream didn't leave my skin irritated. Instead, it feels smooth and alive!

It works!

David Zhao

I highly recommend this fantastic neck cream! In only two months, the wrinkles and sagginess began to fade away. Use it twice a day, that's all.

Expect results after 2 weeks of use

Emma Rosi

It only took two weeks to see and feel the difference. Of course, you need to be very constant and apply it daily—a small price to pay for a firmer neck, in my opinion! Skin looks gorgeous, tighter and just as it should look. I can also see the wrinkles there fading away.

Brilliant product!

Jackie Cooper

I use this in the morning and the retinol and night, they both compliment each other perfectly. So glad I found these products, they will always be my go to now. Skin is glowing and almost feels tighter and smoother.


Jenny W

The combination of cold weather, central heating and mask wearing had given me skin that was beginning to look reptilian.
Reviews for the triple vit C serum seemed brilliant but, given the price compared to other serums on the market, I was a little sceptical. However, after using this product for a month, I can certainly see results. I've added it to my usual skin care routine and my skin is definitely brighter and smoother.
The smell, I find a little strange - there's a lack of fragrance but still a 'smell' if that makes sense!? But once the product is on, you can't smell anything so it's not enough for me to drop a star. I will be buying again, 100%.

Vitamin c serum


I gave it 4 stars because I find the pipette / syringe a bit fiddly and I thought it's important to minimise air exposure to vitamin C? Maybe a pump design may work instead. I do really like the product so thank you

Quick results


I've tried a number of serums over the years. This one is by far the best, results started to show after 5 days. Plus it's well priced

My skin already looks brighter, clearer and smoother..


I've only used the Triple Vitamin C Serum and eye cream for a few days but I can honestly see a difference. My skin already looks brighter, clearer and smoother..
Also, my order was delayed during the Christmas break. However, I was very impressed with the quick customer service response and how they tried to make up for the delay..
The only challenge I'm having is with the cover of the serum bottle, where I'm supposed to squeeze my two drops out for use. It's not working so I've just taken to dropping a small quantity directly from the bottle onto my palm.
Looks like you have a brand new regular customer (me!) and I will definitely be sharing this with friends.

I have really liked your products

Bina M

I have really liked your products.
In the first week, I found my skin felt more sensitive but was a brighter complexion!
Now I feel my skin has benefited, and it's texture is smoother and brighter. I am happy and have told a few people about your skin care!
It's nice you have this personal service too!!

Amazing product


Im loving the eye cream, not seen much difference in the skin moisturiser yet. Only issue iv had is the bottle which has the moisturiser, the pipette doesnt work properly so i just take out direct from the bottle. Apart from that amazing product.

Finally products that deliver noticeable results

Andrea H

After years of using Elemis, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden and quite frankly never seeing any of the improvements that they promised I am thrilled to at last find products which are delivering noticable results.
I have only been using these products for about a month now and can already see a difference in the plumping of the fine lines and the general glowing healthy appearance of my skin. My friends are starting to make comments on how well I am looking too.
So happy that I have found a product that truly lives up to its claims. I am sticking with you from now on and will happily promote your company to friends.

Actual Skincare


I have so far really enjoyed using the vitamin C serum. I was a bit concerned that it would be too strong for my skin, which can be sensitive at times, but I’ve had no problems with it. The serum doesn’t have a scent but it genuinely feels like it’s doing something to my skin, and I do think my skin looks less congested and has a glow to it that doesn’t look oily or greasy. I didn’t give it a full 5 stars purely because the pipette isn’t as easy to use as most serum products. And I would love to see a list of ingredients with percentages on the actual bottle (this is me being super picky)!

Good product!


I really like this product. I didn’t give it a 5 stars rating because the pipette doesn’t function properly.


S O'Donovan

Very impressed with this serum. Have been using for a month. I bought the serum to see if it would improve scar tissue at the side of my mouth. I am delighted to say it has in just one month. Scar has reduced and redness has faded. The rest of my skin is glowing. I would have no hesitation in recommending this serum. I have just placed another order!

Love and repurchased


I am so happy with the addition of the retinol serum to my skin care. I have repurchased it as well as a few other of their products which I can't wait to add! Wonderful customer service and company providing quality products!

I am really enjoying the results of this product

Melanie B

I have been on a journey with my skin for over 2 years now since I developed Rosacea. I have typical symptoms of flushing across my nose and cheeks and sometime little spots when it is particularly bad. I have tried everything from Prescription steroids (which initially help ease the symptoms but do not prevent it) to expensive creams and potions but nothing was working. I came across an advert about the benefits of adding vitamin C serum to your skincare regime online and thought I would give it a go.
After researching which Vit C serum was the best Habitual came up trumps so I placed my order straight away.
The ordering process was very straightforward and I was kept up to date with when to expect my delivery.
Unfortunately when it arrived I was disappointed because the pipette dispenser was not working so it was difficult to get the product out of the bottle. (I was meaning to drop an email about this but hadn’t got round to it)
Apart from this I managed to pour some of the serum onto my hands and I have been using it every evening and morning since it arrived (may have used a bit more than I was supposed to) and to my amazement my skin was much clearer the following morning and the texture smoother. My skin is less flushed than before so this is definitely helping with my skin condition.
I am really enjoying the results of this product and will definitely be ordering again (just hope the pipette is working next time)

Eye cream

Emma O'Neill

I've tried many eye creams from low to high end. I can honestly say this is the first cream that hasn't irritated my skin in any way. It's easy to put on melts in and my dark circles have gone. My fine lines even look better. Definitely recommend.

Loving This Product


I was looking for a new eyecream and came across Habitual by chance, but I'm so glad I did!
The site is easy to use and delivery was quick.
I've been using the eye cream for about 2 weeks now, twice daily and have definitely noticed a reduction in puffiness and fine lines. Dark circles haven't reduced muchbut I'm hoping with continued use it will help as well. The cream is a good consistency, not sticky or too watery, I'm just trying to figure out the right amount to use as expected. It absorbes well though, even if I do go a bit overboard.
I would say if you're on the fence to give it a go, just try it! I don't think you will be disappointed.

Great cream


Really absorbent cream with light texture that does the work. Skin under eye area feels smoother now.



"Your product was mentioned several times on a few different online reviews so I though I would give it a go. I love your product. Normally I have a skin reaction of some sorts to skin products no matter what brand I purchase, but I have had no issue whatsoever - amazing!
I absolutely love it and will be purchasing it again. That’s if I ever run out as it seems it will last ages as well."

I love the eye cream


I love the eye cream, it feels wonderful. I've already recommended it.

Best eye cream

Deborah Young

Being in my 50's I've tried alot of eye creams, this one by far is doing a great job. I've been us8ng it fir about 2 months now and have noticed a difference, my under eyes seem brighter and smoother. It's even great for under your makeup, the cream just sinks into my skin leaving no residue at all. So good I've bought a second one! Thank you for such a good product! Xx

Great eye cream

Janette Grant

"I love this eye cream, it's light in texture and doesn't cause any issues for me with Blepharitis as some heavy creams do. It's also very good value as a little goes a long way. What I love also is the jar is full, many eye creams have a raised base or a thick glass lining , makes you think you are getting more than you actually are. This is a good ethical company, with a genuine interest in your feedback, which is very refreshing. I've yet to try other products from Habitual, but given all the brilliant reviews, I certainly will."

Excellent results

Annette Jones

I bought this cream after doing a lot of research. I have had lines under my eyes since early thirties ( I’m sixty now) and never really found a cream that made s difference. I think this cream has certainly tightened the skin under my eyes and reduced the puffiness. It’s easy to apply and a little goes a long way so it’s really great value for money. I’ve tried really expensive eye creams and I think this has done a better job. I would not hesitate to recommend and will try face cream next.

Very happy with this product


This cream feels deeply hydrating but is absorbed relatively easily. It smells neutral (which is a good thing implying there are no added perfumes that are essentially chemicals that can aggravate skin). Someone else commented that they haven’t seen a difference apart from the skin being hydrated - well, that’s probably the best thing one can expect for preventing fine lines in this delicate area. All in all, I did not know what to expect when I purchased this product but I have been left very satisfied and would recommend it. Great value for money as well.

I wasn't expecting the results I got!


It's not often that I come across a skincare product that really impresses me, but when I do it is such a lovely surprise! I bought the hydrating eye cream, and found it quite different to any eye cream that I have bought before. I will admit that because of that I put it to one side, and didn’t try it again until a few days ago. The reason I gave it another go is that over the last few weeks I have noticed that my left eyelid was beginning to droop, giving a hooded look. I was looking through all my creams, potions, lotions (l have a lot!) and decided to give the hydrating eye cream another go, and got an immediate lifting effect. I didn't use a lot, and applied as per the directions. In fact I was so impressed that I immediately sent an email to the Co-owner Chelsea, to report on the results that I had. I am now using it day and night, and will continue to do so.

I've really been enjoying the product


I've really been enjoying the product Not sure if it's supposed to be for 54 year old men but I bought it originally for myself to remove the dark circles under my eyes and it's working brilliantly thank you. My wife and daughter at separate occasions unknowing of my purchase have even mentioned noticing a difference. It has resulted in me losing one of my pots to my wife though.

boskke tree

Love it!!

Ashley Bennett

I wish words were enough to describe how much I love this product! I went from covering my neck with scarfs or turtle necks to showing it off non-stop! I was blown away, and I'm just so happy I could literally apply the cream all day. It took around a month before I saw the results. I used it twice a day. Well, more like I use it twice a day, and I'm not planning on stopping. Thank you, Habitual Skin!

Up for my second bottle!

Lea Clarke

This cream is like magic. Saw immediate results on the texture and look of my skin within two weeks of using it! It feels and looks smoother and firmer. Plus, there's no overwhelming scent after applying it. Up for my second bottle, for sure!

Hate that I love it


This retinol is amazing. I’ve used others in the past, and had particularly bad experiences with flaking and irritation. I never have any sort of irritation with Habitual Skin, and wake up the next morning with more even looking skin and less noticeable acne scars (especially from fresh pimples). Melts really nicely into the skin. I use it ever second night. The only downside is the price tag…

Very sceptical

Laura A

I have tried so many brands over the years to help with ageing. This works I’m 47 and no one can believe I’m over 35, my skin looks healthy young and glowing. It is expensive but worth every cent!

High grade vitamin A serum

Edward Hamm

Beautiful, effective serum that packs a pinch. Works beautifully under my night cream.

Does the job

Maggie T

My second bottle and it really delivers results. Skin is looking and feeling younger.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin

Chloe Tibbets

If you have sensitive skin, I recommend following the instructions on how often to use this. I also avoid using on the same day as a face scrub. Following the recommendations, I haven't had any issues with sensitivity. Looking forward to seeing some results after longer term use!

Great so far!


I’m still only on the recommended twice weekly but have noticed subtle changes. I look forward to being able to start to use it more often and see the outcome.
My skin is sensitive and I did lots of research to find a gentle option to introduce to my skin in the first instance. I’ve had no reaction and have started to see old pimple scars and fine lines

First time purchase - LOVE IT


No irritation at all, and left my skin feeling lovely the next day!

Good value

Quinn Maxwell

I use this serum every night. My skin looks healthy. The serum feels gentle. I love it.

Irritation free retinol serum

Renée D.

I'm incredibly wary of retinoids due to my sensitive skin. Happy to share with all of you there are no signs of irritation. I already purchased my second bottle.

I can feel the difference

Evan R

Blends nicely into the skin and smells heavenly. I definitely saw the difference after week four, a shorter period than other way more expensive serums I've used.

Just give it a try, you won't regret it

Adéle Baker

I'm 26 years old, and I never worried about buying a restoring cream for obvious reasons. However, my mum shared with me this article about starting skincare journey in your mid 20s. I decided to just try it out, and I'm super happy I did. I rather prevent than regret. The only thing I'm not 100% in love with is the smell, but I'm sure that's just me as I didn't read any comments about that.



So I recently lost a few pounds (!!!), but I never thought about the loose skin. My neck and chin were a mess. My lovely sister got this for me, and I haven't stopped using it ever since. Such a lifesaver!

My neck loves it

Abby Johnson

I've been using it for a few weeks, so I can't speak about the firming benefits. However, I just love how my neck feels after using it. So hydrated and smooth.

Magical firming cream

Alessia Rodriguez

100% recommend this product. I'm 32 and bought to prevent future sagginess in the skin of my neck. Side note, my skin is super sensitive. So far, my skin feels moisturized, and the neck looks gorgeous with no signs of irritation whatsoever.

Retinol made easy and sumptuous

Paula Eales

Gorgeous texture, really lovely to work into the skin. My combination skin feels soft and smooth afterwards, it dries quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. Only just started using but really think this serum is going to be fab for my skin. Great I don't need to use moisturiser afterwards, less product is better. I shall be looking at the rest of their skincare.

In love!

Jackie Cooper

Been using this product for three weeks and I can already see a difference! I use it daily and my skin was slightly irritated at first, which just shows the potency, but now my skin feels amazing. Definitely recommend! High potency without the high price.

Skin looking better already


I have to admit I didn't read the recommendation about only using twice weekly and began using it every night. I have sensitive skin and I have felt no irritation at all. The serum feels great and absorbs easily and after using for a couple of weeks I feel my skin looks smoother. As others have mentioned the only down side is the price, but hey, I guess that's the cost of good skin!

Retinol serum

Suzanna Harris

Have only been using a few weeks I didn't think my skin looked any different but tonight I thought my skin looked plumper and healthy after washing and applying the serum. I also use a drop on the backs of my hands as I was a real sun worshiper.. Shall carry on using this product, no adverse reaction at all have been using a little heavily every night. High hopes for this product.

Great product


Love the Retinol Serum
It really works. Started with 2xweekly use and now on 4x per week. So far no irritation. And i have started to see results after 3 months
Very happy with it.

I started to see the impact in the 1st week

Fisayo O

I am very satisfied with the products. I started to see the impact in the 1st week.
I only use a pea-size amount of the product to see these results, so I'm satisfied the product is worth every penny.



I’ve been using the retinol serum for about 4 weeks and am now seeing good results! I feel my skin looks brighter and has a smoother healthier glow. I am actually surprised by the results i can see. I should also mention the customer service which has been excellent. I look forward to trying other Habitual products.

I am seeing some improvement around the deeper vertical lip lines already


I am still early stages with my retinol as am taking it slowly as per advice, 2 evening on and 2 off but I am seeing some improvement around the deeper vertical lip lines already.
I'm nearly 60 for rnfo.
The eye cream is delightful, non irritant and has made a keen difference. Am currently using in combination with Boots No 7 serum, Day cream and night cream which is working well.
No skin break outs so far, so I will probably increase the retinol in another week or so. I love the eye cream so much I might buy for my mum (82l and my daughter (33) on next purchase.

Perfect retinol


This retinol actually works! Before habitual retinol I used more expensive retinols which didn't work and I didn't believe anymore in retinols. And this retinol was game changer - it absorbs beautifully, leaves my skin smooth and young! I highly recommend to try out, wouldn't waste your money.

Will definitely be trying more from the range!

Phillipa S

I ordered the retinol serum, as now in my mid forties, always eaten healthy and exercised so healthy for age but conscious of over excessive sun exposure from younger years so it was time to up my skincare regime.
I have not been disappointed. The serum is not oily and very easily absorbed that I can apply my cream on top. Feels very smooth and skin looking healthier in the morning.
Will definitely be trying more from the range


Lesley Barker

I googled best vitamin C serums uk and this came up as the number 1 . I ordered it and .....WOW!!!! It is truly amazing !! feels great on , no reaction to my super sensitive skin and the customer service is 1st class!! Don't hesitate to buy from this company they truly are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you Habitual Skin Lesley Barker

Love love love


Fab product. I have really noticed a difference in my skin. It is so soft and feels so hydrated. This product is definitely a staple now.

Best retinol serum I've used

Julie Mitchell

I've been using the retinol serum for a couple of weeks now. It's a beautiful product. I love the consistency, it feels lovely on my skin and it absorbs really well. It's early days but I do think that it's making a difference to my lines and wrinkles already and my complexion looks fresher and more even toned. Looking forward to even better results with continued use. Thankyou Habitual Skin 🥰

love the products


love the products (I bought 2 by mistake) and love them both. I was looking for a British manufacturer and something I can replace Medic8 and I found it.

I love your serums


I love your serums🙏❤️❤️❤️😍

A great experience from start to finish


A great experience from start to finish, great information on each product on the website and a very speedy delivery. On the Vitamin C Serum - love the packaging and the pump dispenser makes it easy to get the correct amount, as of yet not really noticed any improvement but its early days.

three serum bottles in I am hooked


I read a review online about your company and products and was so impressed with the simple but heartfelt positive comments I decided to try – forgoing my year in year out products that I already loved and rated. Brave move by me as I am a creature of habit. But three serum bottles in I am hooked. I love the serum – weightless, totally absorbing and loving the glow I get every day. So I am now a loyal customer with Habitual – and the ease with which my order gets processed, then delivered does nothing but enhance the experience. For a new company you are doing a great job – long may you continue.

I love the retinol serum


I love the retinol serum. My skin hasn't been so clear since I was on roaccutane in my early 20's. I have adult acne and this has sorted it out. Haven't noticed much wrinkle improvement but it's only been a short while. The hyaluronic acid serum is also great. Will definitely re-order when I need more.

Love it

Jane Gourley

I use this every day in the morning with the regional serum in the even. It is so lovely on your face and dries in so quickly. I am 75 and it has changed my skin to the better. Good price as well for a natural product.



This product is amazing! However, the glass bottle and pump that I was sent means that I am unable to get the product out once it is almost empty. This is disappointing since it’s not the cheapest, and I want to use every last drop.

Very Satisfied


I had always been quite wary of using retinol as my skin can react quite badly to new products and retinol is notorious for causing reactions. However, this serum has been a joy to use. I started by using it every other night and then, one time when I forgot which was my “serum night”, I used to consecutively with absolutely no adverse reaction. My skin feels soft and clear. It is as yet too early to see if wrinkles are lessened but, if in time they are, that will be the icing on the cake.

Excellent product


I'm so happy with this product. I've only been using it for three weeks and I'm building up use gradually without any irritation to my skin. The age spot above my lip is definitely fading and the dark patch that I could see developing on my cheek has almost gone. Overall my skin looks much clearer and fresher. I'm 71.



I have used high end expensive VIT c serums, and I have to say this beats them all, in the way it’s absorbed by skin , easy to pump out bottle now it has new design pipette so just the right amount comes out and none wasted I am definitely a convert💯🤩

Very happy with the product


Very happy with the product. I have also switched moisturisers at the same time (I use Murad) and started taking Ingenious collagen supplements (more for my joints than skin, but of course it's meant to help both), so it's difficult to distinguish the positive effects between all of them, but safe to say my skin has improved in suppleness and tone. Will definitely stick with it.

Love it


Used this product for a few weeks now and I can really see an improvement in my skin. After applying it in the evening I wake up the next day and my skin looks so much more plump and smooth. Definitely getting less breakouts also after using this product. Would definitely recommend it.

great product


Having researched Retinol on line once more I fortunately read about your products and I can honestly say that I love them!. They have a great consistency and easily sinks into my skin. I use both the Hyaluronic and Retinol serums every evening before bed and in just a couple of weeks my skin is rejuvenated. The fine lines are almost gone and the deeper wrinkles are looking smoother and less prominent. I no longer wear BB cream or foundation, applying a slick of spf 50 each morning sets me up for the day. The improvement in my skin has given my confidence a boost and even my 18yr old Granddaughter has confessed to sneaking a few drops of each when she stays over. I shall be a regular customer from now on as, at last I have found products that actually work!!

Amazing product


Its is just amazinggg!!!! Just ordered 2 more retinol serum. I saw a difference in my skin within days. Have recommended to my sisters. The price is affordable especially with the current financial situation.

boskke tree

My go-to!

Tara Gilbert

I have tubes of this stuff lying around the house, work and in my handbag. I love it! It makes my lips so smooth and moisturised… which is why I always have a tube handy! Only rave reviews here.


Britney W

Very impressed with this. Feels comfortable and hydrates lips without being glossy. My lips but better



I have extremely dry lips and this product is the best I've found so far. Not thick and heavy.

Love this product

Susanne Wayne

I’ve been a victim of dry lips for a wee while and nothing has really helped combat it. But this balm has been really affective at fighting my dryness, doesn’t transfer easily onto things and tastes amazing. Love the packaging and design.

Noticeable improvement

Penelope BB

I have been using the Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Serums for a few weeks now and have noticed a marked difference in my skin. I can't tell you which one is making the difference (or both), but I have definitely seen an improvement and a red mark I have had on my cheek for years which has annoyed me is almost gone which I am thrilled about. I have just ordered the Vitamin C serum which should be here in the next couple of days and I am interested to see how that goes (I have Vitamin C facials). I have been so pleased with the Hyaluronic and Retinol that I ordered some for birthday presents last week ' so I am sharing the joy.

Excellent Products


I am currently using the Hyaluronic Acid serum. Retinol serum and Vitamin c serum. My skin is showing a fresher smoother look ..
I love how the product stays In the pipette and delivers just what you need without the whole of the pipette being covered with the product therefore making it less wasteful. I have tried many similar products and find these products are, of a high quality by comparison.
The company listens to any feedback and acts upon it when appropriate .
Price wise I would say is a little pricey but I can now see that the quality and the fact that a little goes a long way means they will last longer.

Fantastic little set


I've only been using this for a week now and am already seeing results. You can tell the Retinol and vitamin C are of a high quality and strength.
This set is all you really need (well and Spf of course!) for a great skincare regime.
My only fault is I wish the Hyloronic acid was more watery. The gel sort of sits sticky on my skin but that's the same with a lot of similar products. Thank you Habitual!

Amazing Serums


I googled best hyaluronic acid serum & came across an independent beauty review that voted habitual serums number 1. I’d never heard of Habitual, having always used well known brands. So glad I tried them, I had noticeable results within 2 weeks. Glowing skin that is hydrated, plump and soooo soft! No irritation, which I’ve had with other brands of retinol and Vitamin C, at last products with high quality ingredients, no fillers and deliver the results they claim. I would highly recommend this set of serums, they work beautifully together and it’s a pleasure to use them, I actually look forward morning & night to doing my skincare routine, whereas previously it’s been a chore!

Products that actually deliver results


Having tried the essential kit of serums from habitual and being so impressed with the results I wanted to try the advanced renewing serum and eye cream. This set is fantastic, the texture of both the renewing serum and eye cream is amazing, really light and they absorb straight into the skin with no residue. I have noticeable results, especially on my neck which was starting to look a bit ‘crepey’. This has gone within the 8 weeks I have been using the serums. I also use the renew serum in the morning, which again I love. My skin is more even toned, fine lines less noticeable and it looks and feels healthy. True testament to the products is my husband noticed how ‘fresh’ my skin looked without me prompting him and my daughter has secretly been using my hyaluronic acid and renewing serum! I would recommend to all looking for the ‘holy grail’ in skincare, I’ve eventually found mine with these Habitual products.

this is liquid gold!


I was on a cruise last week and went for micro-needling with their skin specialist. I took along the facial regime I currently use, your retinol, vit c and hyaluronic acid, her exact words were “this is liquid gold”, she was very effusive about how great they were. She didn’t try to sell me any of their products which is unusual on a cruise lol.